10 years of social networking

Mark Zuckerburg changed the way we socialised 10 years ago connecting us with “friends” around the world.

Facebook changed lives

Facebook has made networking easier. It is a great way to make a personal connection. Prior to Facebook, tracking people down wasn’t easy. The site has reunited long lost friends, relatives and high school classmates.

Everyone knows what the other one is up to. The ability to share information, news, photographs and videos has gotten faster and easier. Facebook allows you to share anything and everything about your life. Facebook has become the biggest online photo album in the world.

Facebook has defined the word ‘friend’. Everyone from a high school teacher to an old aunt is a “friend” on Facebook.

Facebook has been responsible for the increase in citizen journalism. Facebook has advocated free speech that it has been blocked in countries like China.

Facebook has ultimately stolen hours of our precious time, which we will never get back. Find out how much time you have wasted on Facebook here

Look Back

To celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, Facebook has given its users a way to relive their earliest Facebook memories through a special release called Look Back.

Look Back is a personalised movie of their life on Facebook. The video is meant to stir up social networking nostalgia and provide a sentimental experience.

Warning: If you don’t share the video, it will disappear after a month. I accidentally deleted the video and it disappeared from my Facebook profile. I managed to recover it from my cache and uploaded it onto YouTube lest it get lost again.

Here is a video summary of my life of Facebook.


Humble beginning

Facebook was founded on 4 February, 2004 as ‘thefacebook’ by Mark Zuckerburg and his fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Andrew McCollum.

What started initially as a website only for Harvard students gradually expanded to Stanford University, Columbia University and Yale University before opening up to collages in the Boston area, and other Ivy League institutions. Since 26 September, 2006 Facebook has been open to anyone aged 13 years and over with a valid email address.

On the occasion of it’s 10th anniversary, Mark Zuckerburg released a public statement on Facebook.

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