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Here is a glimpse of my previous work –


  1. Where is Emaan Shah?
  2. Mystery over death of NRI family in London
  3. Indian couple fights for their child in the UK
  4. London Court rejects Shankaran’s plea
  5. UK police rule out foul play in Souvik’s death
  6. 15 days on, no clue of Souvik
  7. Hate Speech: Andhra Govt mute spectator
  8. Aus radio station defends RJs
  9. Jacintha’s relatives in India seek probe
  10. Jacintha’s autopsy report to be out
  11. Nurse left 3 suicide notes
  12. Nurse left 3 suicide notes (phono)
  13. Attack on Lt Gen Brar raises alarm
  14. Bluestar commander’s explosive claim
  15. Promo: Budget Day 2013 Special with Lord Meghnad Desai
  16. Mumbai kids have designs on the sky
  17. Mumbai’s housing societies are becoming insular

Print and Online

  1. Play it again, Joe
  2. Chronicles of a storyteller
  3. Drama has given me a purpose in life
  4. Escort services: A mere click away
  5. Charge your mobile phone as you exercise
  6. The Timekeeper
  7. Joint Venture
  8. I find satisfaction in teaching underprivileged kids
  9. Kandivali local invents mobile bus route guide
  10. The card collector
  11. Hats off to Ananta Joshi
  12. Korean troupe breaks out and lands in India
  13. Human rights activism scores a point
  14. Greeting card lane
  15. Viewsonic experience turns sour for some users
  16. Soothing sleep on a musical mattress

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