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Electronic music and art group Disinformation exhibited its art show “The Origin of Painting” at Usurp Gallery.

Joe Banks, a research fellow in the Creative and Performing Arts at University of Westminster created the exhibition. This exhibition was first displayed at the Hayward Gallery in 2000.

The interactive sound and light installation allows visitors to create their own life-size shadows or draw with a light pen directly onto a wall to produce graffiti, abstracts and portraits.

The light pens are provided by the gallery where the exhibition has been installed.

The Wall

The installation uses blackout fabric and green paint. The fabric and paint are available easily in the market and are quite cheap. Therefore, Joe did not have to invest much money in the exhibition.

Facing the wall are photographic lights that help to create the visitors image. Each photographic light discharges 30,000 volts shock.


The Origin of Painting is the creation of the artist Joe Banks. However, this interactive installation enthuses and involves the visitor into achieving new heights of creativity.

The Origin of Painting is about how people relate to seeing themselves separated from their own shadows.

In this exhibition, Joe Banks is not the only artist. Even visitors become artists. Not only are the visitors as able to participate in creating images with the light pen but also create their own shadows in different poses.

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